Hawaii Travel Troubles: What to Do When Your Vacation Isn’t What You Expected

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Aloha Bruce is in the studio to talk about Hawaii travel troubles visitors may encounter on this latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. He offers some helpful, expert advise about how to handle any disruptions that may crop up during a Hawaii vacation.

Bruce begins with a discussion about the high cost for three rooms in a 4-Star  property for a family from the East Coast, coming in at over $80,000. “If you’re planning on a family vacation in Hawaii over the holidays, you better do it soon!” He notes that it may be more cost effective to plan your vacation in November.

He notes a new climate change office on Hawaii Island intended to coordinate efforts to mitigate and adapt changes brought on by global climate change. He also mentions that Honolulu City & County is spending over $500,000 to hire security guards to patrol Waikiki 6pm-2am in a crime reduction effort working with the Honolulu Police Department. Back on the Big Island, Bruce mentions the Hawaii Island the Heart of Polynesia program, a campaign to increase cultural awareness in Hawaii’s visitors. He also shares the news that officials on Maui are considering tourism taxes on overnight accommodations.

To wrap the news segment, Bruce discusses the reopening of the DFS Galleria in Waikiki and a nearby restaurant as indicators of an increase of international visitor arrivals. “That’s a good sign!”

On to the main topic of Hawaii travel troubles and how to handle them, Bruce first talks about purchasing travel insurance. He describes Hawaii Aloha Travel’s insurance policies and the benefits they offer. He also recommends “dialing back your expectations” about Hawaii hotels and mentions the Hilton Hawaii Village as being an attractive property for families with children.

Bruce explains that having travel insurance and an expert travel advisor are the two most important things to consider when confronted with Hawaii travel troubles. “Call us when these things are happening,” Bruce says. “We can help you 24-7!”

Aloha Bruce notes the importance of reading the “fine print” and be leery of Chat AI advice that can be ultimately unhelpful. “Sometimes people just don’t understand what they’re getting,” he says and discusses recently being able to move one vacationer and her family to a property more suitable than the one she had originally booked and found it lacking. Most Hawaii travel troubles start with your accommodations.

“We can help! At the end of the day, all we want is for you to have an amazing Hawaii vacation.”