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Traveling to Hawaii by air is pretty straightforward when your destination is only one island, but when you have to travel between our islands, it can get complicated. Multi island packages (as they’re called) require copious planning. That includes the timing because flights between the islands are getting slimmer and slimmer to come by.

The days of deciding to fly to another island once you get here are gone and if you do happen to find flights, it’s going to cost you top dollar. The bottom line is you really need to plan ahead and today’s podcast will help you get started.

On today’s podcast I provide you with a comprehensive Hawaii Airport Guide. I go over all the major and smaller airports on each island and discuss the pros and cons. If you want to make this really easy just give us a call to plan your Hawaii Vacation! I know that sounds like a selfless plug and it kinda is, but the truth is, we really can save you a lot of time and money, so take advantage of our experience and knowledge. Best of all, it’s FREE!!

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