My Picks for Hawaii Vacation Island Combos

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If you’re coming to Hawaii for vacation, consider expanding your trip by planning a multi island package. Traveling to two different islands is the best way to get the most out of Hawaii, especially because each island offers something so totally different from the next. The only problem is, how do you choose which islands to travel to? Especially if you’ve never been to Hawaii or are unfamiliar with the neighboring islands. So what’s the best way to figure out which two islands to visit during your vacation? We’re giving you a run down on a few of the best mix n match combos of the Hawaiian chain!

For a complete change: Oahu and Big Island. Oahu is bustling with the state’s capitol, but also has some incredible counterparts on the north and east sides. Lively and crowded, Oahu offers a timeless vacation in the hub of Hawaii, while Big Island gives vacationers a unique look of the archipelago. You can see waterfalls, volcanoes, a metropolitan city, black sand beaches, white sand beaches, and quaint shopping towns by combining these two islands together. It’s great for the traveler who wants a complete switch up from one island to the next.

For some city and some tropics: Oahu and Kauai. This mix n match is great for anyone looking for a blend of excitement and relaxation. While Oahu offers the nightlife, Kauai can provide long days simply enjoying the beach. You can also spend the day shopping on Oahu amongst the crowds and buzz of the city, and the next day be the only one swimming in the secluded waters of Kauai’s north shore beaches. A great juxtaposition between liveliness and calm, check out Oahu and Kauai for the ultimate mix.

For seeing real Hawaii: Maui and Molokai. Rural and largely undeveloped, both Maui and Molokai offer a glimpse into old Hawaii. With quaint fishing villages scattered along Maui’s coastal areas and an untamed drive down the Hana Highway, you can see what makes this Valley Isle so loved. Hop over to Molokai and get yourself a slice of solitude. With a small local population and tourist industry, Molokai has vast land that remains undeveloped. Parts of these islands show you what Hawaii’s lands look like without human interruption.

For an outdoor adventure vacation: Kauai and Big Island. These two islands offer some of the most fun things to do in nature for your vacation. Zip lining through Kauai’s lush rainforests to spending a day exploring Big Island’s Volcano National Park, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love this combo of island hopping. Rural, tropical, and different from one another, Kauai and Big Island will make anyone fall in love with the state of Hawaii.

For nonstop nightlife and a party: Oahu and Maui. For some people a vacation means one thing; parties! And you’re not going to find that on most of the islands. In fact, Oahu and Maui are the only two islands that have a nightlife exceeding past 10:00pm! Check out Oahu for some fun nights down the Waikiki strip and then hop over to Maui to explore the exciting towns of Lahaina, Paia, and Kihei. This is a great mix n match for the traveler that wants to have a party time in Hawaii’s warm weather and accommodating surroundings.

For beauty and solitude: Kauai and Molokai. If you’re looking to get away from it all, this combo will surely make it possible. Check in to a secluded rental or hotel on the quiet island of Kauai and take in the incredible views from your window. With gorgeous beaches and lush tropical backdrops, Kauai offers as much beauty as the eye can handle. And Molokai will provide the seclusion you seek. Known as an outer island, there aren’t many vacationers who venture to this island of tranquility.

Island hopping is the most ideal way to explore all that Hawaii has to offer. And by choosing your islands based on your vacationing style, you’ll create the perfect vacation with just the right amount of diversity. Mix n matching your islands allows you to witness the breadth of this tropical state and spice up the vacation. Multi island vacation packages are a great way to plan your getaway, so start looking into the various islands today!