Getting Married in Hawaii – Tips for Tying the Knot

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Aloha Bruce welcomes beloved Hawaii television personality and Hawaii expert, Angela Keen, as a guest host on our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast.

They discuss getting married in Hawaii, as Angela has been a wedding officiant for many years and offers insight that only a true professional can give. Angela says that Bruce and Yaling are a big part of the reason that she became a wedding officiant.

Bruce and Angela talk about her personal story about arriving in Hawaii as a news broadcaster and her amazing career path. Angela recalls the days of kids diving for coins at Aloha Tower when she arrived. Angela had never been to Hawaii, but she does have family history here. She notes that she had planned her job in Hawaii to be temporary, but she fell in love with the Islands and has been here ever since. Bruce mentions Angela’s community work, including working at Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Angela shares the fact that she has met a wide variety of world-famous celebrities and shares a story about her experience meeting and working with the legendary Willie Nelson. She calls it “one of the most amazing moments of my life.” She talks about the experience, and how kind and generous Willie was to her and her family.

Angela talks about the culture of ohana, family, in Hawaii and her personal journey into learning about the native Hawaiian culture and language. Angela says that she focuses on those values as a wedding officiant. She describes her approach to presiding over wedding ceremonies and says that she works directly with couples to provide exactly the wedding experience they hope for.

Angela focuses on the couple’s stories, and that she doesn’t take a routine approach to help provide a truly unique and memorable experience. She talks about some of the things she asks couples when planning a wedding ceremony. Angela also explains some of the native Hawaiian aspects of ceremonies she makes happen.

Her work as an officiant involves all aspects of wedding planning, and she shares what is required of her when making it happen, including state laws and licensing protocols.

The special relationship between Aloha Bruce and Angela Keen and Hawaii Aloha Travel makes this podcast an conversation between old friends, with Angela talking about her husband Norm (“Mr. Keen”, she jokes), who provides photography for the weddings she presides over, and how the photography aspects of her ceremonies work (at very reasonable rates).

Aloha Bruce and guest host Angela Keen share how to contact her for information about her wedding services by going to her website and they thank one another in true Hawaiian style. Their chat between old friends is a great listen full of the Aloha Spirit!