Are you ready for your Hawaii Vacation?

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The newest Hawaii Vacation Podcast discusses last-minute reminders for those visiting Hawaii. Aloha Bruce also reminds listeners that Hawaii Aloha Travel handles all aspects of a Hawaii vacation: everything from plane tickets and accommodations to restaurant reservations and tours.

Bruce talks about the fact that most travelers no longer use paper tickets, but they will still need the PNR, or “Passenger Name Record” document. It’s an important document that covers the duration of your trip. He also notes that the electronic ticket number is important and recommends printing one out.
Visitors working with Hawaii Aloha Travel also receive a separate document that includes all hotel reservation information with a hotel reservation number. That document includes special requests, including bedding preferences, including bed sizes and room categories (ocean view, ocean front, etc). These documents help if anything goes wrong with the reservation.
ruce also talks about resort and portage fees that most hotels now charge. He also mentions incidental charges and the need to have a credit card. Bruce talks about service fees on rental vehicles and recommends asking about added fees that some visitors get overcharged without knowing it. Bruce notes that Hawaii Aloha Travel can help visitors avoid unnecessary fees and insurance. Bruce notes that personal insurance and credit cars often offer insurance options. Some rental car companies offer advantage programs that let you take advantage of special members-only deals.

Bruce says that it is important to always have a number to call if something goes wrong. He reminds visitors that Hawaii Aloha Travel’s mission is to give visitors the best possible personal service, particularly if things go wrong. He reminds listeners to keep important printed documents handy during your Hawaii vacation.
Bruce mentions that Emmy-award winning co-host is still traveling the world, and encourages Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast listeners to leave their questions and comments at