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On our newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura discuss the realities of an “all inclusive vacation” package experience in Hawaii. Many vacationers are after an experience in which all costs are paid up front.

Air-room-car packages are not all inclusive, our hosts note, and that many visitors who sign on for such offers are unaware that the hotel or resort does not include resort fees, parking charges, meals, or activities. Many vacationers are shocked by those additional fees when they turn up on the bill when they check out.

Bruce and Lanai will discuss, with their unique insight and humor, how “all-inclusive” has become a buzzword in the travel industry, and how in Hawaii there aren’t really any of the kinds of offers available at resorts in Mexico or the Caribbean. Our hosts muse over the fact that for many, all-inclusive means simply free alcohol and food along with lodgings.

Hawaii Aloha Travel has created a couple of unique “all-inclusive packages” by working with properties on Oahu and Maui. Bruce and Lanai will talk about the Standard and Super Saver offers available, which do include limited meals and drinks.
With other all-inclusive offers in other vacation destinations, it means never leaving the resort. But the point of a Hawaii vacation is to enjoy the true Hawaii experience that a hotel or resort property simply cannot provide. Hawaii Aloha Travel offers private and group tours and includes some meals and drinks at various properties and establishments.

Join us as we get behind the myth of all-inclusive vacations in Hawaii, and how Hawaii Aloha Travel can offer the same kind of experience without hidden fees and other charges that can take visitors by surprise. We’ll tell you exactly what you can expect from our Standard and Super Saver All Inclusive Vacation Packages, and how you can get the best value out of your Hawaii vacation dollars.