Make voluntourism part of your next Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii “voluntourism” is the topic of the newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura talk about ways that visitors can volunteer for community-based projects during their Hawaii vacation and the benefits of doing so.

Lanai notes that many Hawaii families volunteer at “lo’i”, or taro patches throughout Hawaii and explains how Hawaii’s various ecosystems make up “ahupua’a”, or districts and resources that were cared for by the people that lived there. Anyone who helped do the work got to enjoy its benefits.

Lanai also says that volunteering during your Hawaii vacation is an excellent way to understand the people and culture of Hawaii. “It’s like being in a National Geographic show.”

Bruce also mentions the Hawaii Land Trust, which conducts cleanups and maintenance at “heiau”, or sacred sites around the Aloha State. Hui o Ko’olaupoko is noted as a group that restores ancient Hawaiian fishponds, and Lanai shares his knowledge about how they work and the traditional technologies they use.

Pu’u Kapolei and the Honolulu Board of Water supply are also noted as providing educational tours about Hawaii’s environment. Bruce also mentions the Pacific Whale Foundation’s volunteer opportunities on Maui.

Other such organizations on Hawaii Island and Kauai are discussed as having many visitor volunteer opportunities. Our hosts agree that volunteering during your Hawaii vacation is the best way to connect with Hawaii’s land and culture.

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