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North Shore Oahu – staying safe

In the previous HAT Blog, we wrote about the seasons in Hawaii, Fall in particular, and what makes Hawaii’s seasons unique. There’s a fifth season in Hawaii, however, and we’ll talk about it here. North Shore Oahu has its own “big wave season”, which spans the months between October and March. It’s commonly referred to […]

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Oahu Marine Life Conservation Districts

Several of Oahu’s most popular ocean recreation destinations are also home to a wide variety of marine life and are listed as official Oahu Marine Life Conservation Districts (MLCD) by the Department of Land and Natural Resources Aquatic Resources Division. This makes perfect sense because the beaches that see the most resident and visitor traffic […]

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Waimea Bay: A Must-Visit Any Time of Year

Waimea Bay in Oahu is one of Hawaii’s best beaches. But really, it seems like two totally different beaches, depending on what time of year you visit. In winter months, it draws big wave surfers who aim to ride its 30+ foot tall waves. In the summer, it’s a tranquil swimming spot that’s perfect for […]

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