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Hanauma Bay: legend and lore

Virtually every Hawaii landmark has an ancient legend about its origin. Every scenic lookout, hiking trail, or famous (or secluded) beach and stretch of coast is home to lavish tales of magic and mayhem, of love and loss. Hanauma Bay at the tip of southeast Oahu is certainly no exception. Hanauma Bay State Park is […]

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Sunset Beach legends with lessons

The 2021-2022 Winter Season on Oahu’s North Shore has begun with the recent arrival of significant swell and favorable winds. It’s getting good, and we are thinking about how different this season will differ from those past. 2020-21 was exceedingly weird and quiet for terrible reasons. Major surf contests at iconic breaks are off this […]

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Diamond Head Legend of Love

Waikiki’s Diamond Head is arguably one of the most recognizable natural landmarks in the world. It’s been a picture-postcard image of paradise for generations, and it towers in the background of countless millions of vacation photos taken by giddy beach-goers. Beyond that iconic image, Diamond Head, or “Leahi” in the Hawaiian language, has been a […]

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