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North Shore Oahu – staying safe

In the previous HAT Blog, we wrote about the seasons in Hawaii, Fall in particular, and what makes Hawaii’s seasons unique. There’s a fifth season in Hawaii, however, and we’ll talk about it here. North Shore Oahu has its own “big wave season”, which spans the months between October and March. It’s commonly referred to […]

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Hawaii small town Holidays

We’re right in the heart of Hawaii Holiday Season , and the snow-covered small-town Christmas commercial trope is airing pretty much every second of every broadcast hour on at least one of countless networks during this time of year. It’s got us thinking about Hawaii small town Holidays. On television, happy families smile and laugh, […]

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This Way To Historic Haleiwa Town

It’s a ‘must see’ attraction in Haleiwa that welcomes people on their drive into the historic North Shore surf town. A road sign doesn’t seem like much, but this particular one is meant to capture the essence of the town — with none other than a surfer. The stylish little dude’s getting tubed by the […]

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