Our 5 Favorite Hawaii Crepe Restaurants on Oahu

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Craving a delicious crepe in Hawaii? There are lots of great options to enjoy this yummy treat!

I’m not sure when crepes made a comeback, but I’m sure glad they did! Crepes are one of those foods that can double as a meal and/or a dessert. And, in my book, that’s a food worth exploring!

So, we’ve put together our favorite Hawaii crepe restaurants on Oahu, so you can enjoy these delicate delights in paradise!

1. Le Crepe Cafe (Honolulu)

 This eatery is located in Manoa Marketplace, so it’s the perfect stop before or after hiking Manoa Falls. We love their savory crepes like the Pesto Pesto, which shines with house-made pesto. And dessert crepes, like the Mango Passion (with passion fruit puree, fresh strawberries, and organic mangoes), will satisfy your sweet tooth!

This Hawaii Crepe restaurant also has Acai Bowls, coffee, and smoothies. 

2. North Shore Crepes Cafe (Haleiwa)

This is really a food truck located in Haleiwa, but doesn’t the best food typically come from such humble circumstances? Plus, we love all the North Shore food trucks (though this one is technically a VW bus, which may make it even more fun to visit). 

In true North Shore fashion, you can get a garlic shrimp crepe, or try out their Hawaiian Crepe with Kalua Pig and BBQ sauce. For dessert, we recommend the Paris (sugar, lemon) or Tahiti (Nutella, strawberry, coconut).

These are great Hawaii crepe options in a wonderful North Shore location!

3. Island Crepes & Lemonade (Honolulu)

Have you ever eaten at the food court in Ala Moana Center? If so, you were likely overwhelmed by choices. We’ll make it easy for you: try out Island Crepes, a yummy spot with lots of fun options. 

Island Crepes & Lemonade specializes in Japanese-style sweet crepes (many of which include ice cream), but they have a few savory options, like the Kim Chee Fried Rice Crepe. 

Japanese Crepes
Japanese Crepes are rolled up with yummy fillings and are great for eating on the go

4. Café Glacé Hawaii (Waikiki)

You’ll probably come to Café Glacé for their abundant homemade ice cream, but you’d be amiss if you didn’t try their delicious Hawaii crepes. Favorites include The Duke with salami and pesto, along with their classic Nutella option. 

You can also get acai bowls and coffees here. Oh, yeah – and lots of ice cream!

5. ROLL Creperie (Mililani)

ROLL is a great spot to check out in the Mililani Shopping Center. They offer Japanese-style crepes that are delicious to eat and totally Instagram-worthy. You’ll have to come back multiple times to sample their full menu. But, if you’re just here for one visit, we recommend their Premium Creme Brulee option, or their simple butter, sugar, & cinnamon crepe. 

Hawaii Crepe Restaurants: A Tasty Way to Experience Oahu

Nothing tastes better than crepes on Oahu! So, check out one or more of these local eateries, and indulge your sweet tooth or savory craving. 

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