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What is a blowhole?

A blowhole, in the context we’re discussing, is a fascinating natural phenomenon that can be likened to a marine geyser. While you may initially associate it with a whale’s spout, the blowhole we’re delving into here is a thrilling aquatic spectacle found amidst the rugged shorelines of Hawaii. This extraordinary display is orchestrated by an underwater lava tube, hidden beneath the ocean’s surface. As the waves from the vast sea crash into this submerged tunnel, an awe-inspiring event unfolds, where water is forcibly propelled through the tunnel, seeking its only escape route: upward.

Imagine standing on the shore, eyes fixed on the horizon, when suddenly, a colossal column of water erupts from the depths, reaching for the sky with astonishing vigor, often soaring to heights of up to an astonishing 30 feet! It’s a breathtaking performance put on by nature herself, and the intensity of this aquatic spectacle is directly proportional to the tempestuousness of the ocean conditions. When the sea is in turmoil, the blowhole’s exhibition becomes even more dramatic, leaving spectators in sheer amazement.

This natural marvel is a magnet for visitors from all walks of life, drawing hundreds of admirers each day. Typically, an established lookout point is situated conveniently by the roadside, complete with ample parking space and designated viewing areas. Be sure to carry your camera to capture the awe-inspiring moment, but exercise caution and maintain a safe distance. The immense force of the blowhole is not to be underestimated, and it has claimed the lives of unfortunate individuals who ventured too close, only to be swept away into the unforgiving sea. The local community in Maui has taken it upon themselves to safeguard the uninformed by posting handmade signs along the access points, serving as a poignant reminder of the blowhole’s inherent danger.

If you guessed a whale’s spout, then you’re partially correct, but the blowhole we’re talking about is the one that shoots water into the air, like a geyser. This happens by way of an underwater lava tube found along Hawaii’s rocky shorelines. Water gets forced through the tunnel with each wave that rolls in from sea, and the only way out is up.

That’s when spectators from shore see a powerful stream of water shoot up into the air, sometimes as high as 30-feet! The rougher the ocean conditions, the more dramatic the geyser.

It’s a spectacular show in nature that attracts hundreds everyday. Usually, there’s an established lookout to the side of the road, with plenty of parking and viewing space. Make sure to bring your camera, too, but don’t get too close. Stay in the designated viewing area to avoid putting yourself into harm’s way. Sadly, several people have died after getting hit by the blowhole’s force and swept out to sea. Locals on Maui have made an effort to warn those uninformed about a blowhole’s danger by posting handmade signs along the access point.

Here are some of the popular blowholes in Hawaii:

  • Halona Blowhole (Oahu)
  • Spouting Horn (Kauai)
  • Nakalele Blowhole (Maui)
  • Honuapo (Big Island).

Hawaii isn’t the only place to see a blowhole; other world-famous ones include Alafaaga Blowholes in Samoa, Kiama in Australia and La Bufadora in Baja California, to name a few.

Enjoy the show!

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