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Peacocks in Hawaii?

The vibrant colors of the peacock seem like the perfect fit for our islands’ tropical scenery. But are there peacocks in Hawaii?  Birds Throughout Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands are home to an amazing variety of native and exotic bird species, from the majestic nene goose to the curious rose-ringed parakeet. Ancient Hawaiians revered native birds […]

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5 Hawaii Cliffs You Want To Climb

Hawaii cliffs are some of the most famous and beautiful sights in the world. How about climbing one during your next Hawaii vacation? The Lure of Cliffs Many people seek adventure during their vacations. It’s as if some internal heartstring tugs at us to get up and explore. We feel encouraged to discover new terrain, […]

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Blow Your Mind at a Hawaii Blowhole

One of our favorite sights to see in Hawaii is a blowhole. These magnificent wonders display the power of the ocean, set against a beautiful backdrop. If you want to see a Hawaii Blowhole, we’re here to help! Blow Your Mind at a Hawaii Blowhole A blowhole, in the context we’re discussing, is a fascinating […]

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