Considering a Big Hawaii Bus Tour? Here’s One More Reason to ‘Go Small’

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There are lots of reasons Secret Hawaii Tours keeps it small. Among them? Our guests deserve a more intimate and personalized experience than the typical big Hawaii bus tour. 

But, now there’s another reason you may want to avoid cramming into a big bus while on vacation in Hawaii — many communities are outlawing them.

The latest community to “take back” its beaches? Waimanalo, is a small rural community on Oahu’s Ka Iwi Coast.

An Unwelcome Tourist Boom

Tourism to Waimanalo increased after the website Dr. Beach named Waimanalo Beach Park America’s best beach in 2015 and after a city ordinance banned commercialism in nearby Kailua and Kalama beach parks. But now, big tour buses, vans, and limousines hog the limited number of available parking spaces at some of the tiny Waimanalo beach parks on most days.

A Commercial Ban: Hawaii Bus Tours and Weddings

Advocates of the ban cited that tourists seeking restroom relief overwhelmed the already under-equipped bathrooms, using up all the toilet paper. Visitors crowd out local fishermen and beach-loving local families as dozens of tourists amble out to the water’s edge to take selfies and set up equipment.

The 2022 bill outlawed all commercial activities, including Hawaii bus tour “recreation stops” at Waimanalo Beach Park, Kaiona Beach Park, Kaupo Beach Park — including the Makai Research Pier — and Makapuu Beach Park.

Weddings and professional photography are also banned at these locations. 

A Small Alternative to Big Bus Tours

Secret Hawaii Tours offers a small-scale, personalized approach to tourism that respects the local culture and lifestyle. No taking up rows of parking spaces, crowding out locals, and risking more beach bans. 

Instead, your small Hawaii bus tour with Secret Hawaii will take you to hidden gems and great scenery, all with a friendly, local guide.

We know you don’t need ANOTHER reason to avoid the big bus tours and choose Secret Hawaii Tours. But, just in case you do, here it is!