Winter Weather in Hawaii

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Our main topic today is on winter (what?) in Hawaii and the highlights of vacationing to the islands during this time of year. If you’re fond of nature and want the experience of a lifetime, we recommend booking a whale watching tour while visiting Hawaii, since it is touted as one of the best places to witness these amazing creatures. We’ll give you some background on the whales plus some interesting factoids that will surely have you looking into the next available whale watching tour.

We’ll also tell you what makes Big Island unique in the wintertime, and it has everything to do with the slushy white powder you might just be trying to escape from on the mainland. And don’t forget what else winter brings in Hawaii; big wave season on the north shore. If you’re a fan of surfing then you’ll love hearing about the excitement that ensues on Oahu’s 7-mile miracle every winter.

Hawaii Five-0 fans will like this news story a lot- Liliha Bakery is opening up a second shop, right near the Honolulu International Airport. Famous for their coco puffs, Liliha Bakery has made two debuts on the hit television series ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and created a buzz for themselves. Find out the location of their new location on today’s show! Also, we’ve got a couple items on Hawaiian Airlines, both good news. First we’ll tell you how the airline ranked #1 again in performance and next we’ll give the details on the newest nonstop services. If you’re thinking about a summer vacation in Hawaii then you’ll definitely want to tune in for this!

Ko Olina has recently finished renovations to both the Aulani Disney Resort and JW Marriot Ihilani. Attempting to fine tune what their guests are looking for, both resorts have completed multi-million dollar overhauls that will hopefully entice visitors to the western lands of sunshine and serenity, as opposed to the bustling and busy southern counterpart known as Waikiki.

And for those of you traveling to outer islands, we’ve got a few events coming up this November for you to check out. Things like Restaurant Week, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, Friday Art Night and Historic Walking Tours are on the agenda and should be penciled onto yours too!