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While many of us look forward to shutting off the iPhone and leaving the laptop at home during a vacation, some of us prefer to stay connected. Whether for work, email responses, or simply maintaining social media outlets, it’s a good idea to know where you can receive not only free WiFi, but also a comfortable setting in a Hawaiian atmosphere. If you’re vacationing in Hawaii and have to bust out a few hours of work on the laptop, it’ll make it that much easier if you have open-air workspace, a view of the ocean, or nearby amenities. Here is a small list of our favorite spaces to seek out for a work environment and personal Internet needs.

The Modern is a sleek resort located on the west end of Waikiki, right behind the boat harbor. What makes it so ideal is it’s easy parking (pay-per-hour in the lots at the harbor) and easy entrance. You don’t have to walk through the lobby and feel like a trespasser if you intend to post up in their working areas all day. You can access the covered outdoor spaces that overlook the pools, harbor, and ocean and set up on one of the many contemporary furniture pieces. Free WiFi is available here, not to mention a couple on-property lounges and bars when you’re ready for that midday pick-me-up or happy hour cocktail.

This next mention, while charges for their Internet access, is one of the most beautiful places to check your email on Oahu. The Royal Hawaiian offers wireless access free to guests, and available for purchase via credit card for the general public. Known to have one of the most popular lobby and public spaces in all of Waikiki, you can enjoy bright, spacious accommodations that lead right out to the sand. With a classic look to it, you can sink into a plush couch or chair while you set up your laptop. Feel free to saunter through the shops and hallways or treat yourself to a drink from their Mai Tai Bar. Centrally located and convenient for the public, the Royal Hawaiian offers the most Waikiki iconic space for WiFi.

The Hawaiian Hilton Village is quite possibly the largest space to choose from for Internet services. Just as the name implies, this space is a small village that offers coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, high-end shopping, and a grand lobby in the Hilton that provides open-air lounge space to the public. Wireless hot spots at the Hilton Hawaiian Village include the Tapa pool area and Super Pool area, with all-day access for $14.95. Or, if you only need access for a quick minute or two, they also offer services by the minute in the business center ($0.50/minute). The cool thing about this space is that it offers a wide variety of nearby amenities. From Lappert’s Ice Cream shop to an ABC stores, and even a daily torch lighting ceremony at 6:00pm that you’re free to watch, this resort will surely satisfy the Hawaiian atmosphere you’re seeking during your Internet time.

Our last recommendation is quite possibly our favorite. The Halekulani is not only a quiet and peaceful place to work, but also offers free Internet access and an abundance of public areas to hang out at. Located in one of the most central spots in Waikiki, the Halekulani invites the public to come experience the elegance and comfort of its work and event spaces. You can also check out L’Apertif, a new bar concept and tasting experience that is open to the public. With many hotels, resorts, and shops to choose from for your Internet time while in Hawaii, it’s great to pick a space that offers exactly what you seek. Whether it’s free WiFi, a nearby coffee shop, or a close exit to the beach, Waikiki offers some of the finest in Internet accessible spaces.