Here’s what you should eat on your Hawaii Vacation

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Aloha Bruce and Lanai dive into a discussion about Hawaii’s food options for vacationers on the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Lanai knows Hawaii’s food culture as well as anyone, and he offers his insight about how best to enjoy dining in the Aloha State. Later, our hosts offer important tips on getting around during your visit.

As far as finding the best places to eat, Lanai says simply, “Ask a local!” Bruce asks Lanai about his success in highlighting Hawaii’s food culture, with Lanai saying he’s been successful because he supports local businesses in his work.

The conversation moves on to the variety of restaurants in Hawaii, from 5-Star fine dining to simple plate lunches. Our hosts share a few of their favorites hole-in-the-wall restaurants that have been operating for generations. Lanai offers a brief history of the evolution of food in Hawaii and mentions James Beard Award winner Helena’s Hawaiian Food. Lanai goes on to tell the story of the invention of the “Loco Moco” by ravenous surfers in Hilo on the Big Island.

Bruce and Lanai discuss a variety of Facebook comments that prompt mini-history lessons about a variety of local favorites, and the marvelous story of how “shave ice” became a Hawaii food institution, and rattles off a list of mom and pop shave ice joints around Hawaii.

After announcing the Deal of the Day, Bruce and Lanai move on to offering tips about transportation during a Hawaii vacation and interisland air travel. Lanai says that on the Neighbor Islands, visitors should plan to rent a vehicle, but public transportation and rideshare services on Oahu can be enough for some visitors. Bruce thinks renting a vehicle for at least part of a Hawaii vacation is best. Our hosts note high parking costs in some areas and resorts.