Unplugging during your Hawaii Vacation

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Unplugging from the internet during you Hawaii Vacation may seem like a far fetched idea in this day and age.  However, you may want to consider the benefits before dismissing the idea. Studies have shown that a vacation is important to our overall well-being. Let’s face it, you can’t really be fully on vacation with all the distractions that come from email, texting, sharing and the like.  After-all, vacations are meant to pull you way from the day to day grind, pressures, stress and allow you to escape to a more peaceful place. so why not give it a try and see if that makes for a better vacation?

On todays show I discuss this topic and offer up some advice on how to successfully unplug so you can enjoy the vacation you worked so hard to achieve. With a little planning and a few simple steps, you can be device free without feeling disconnected. Following this advice will leave you feeling better about your vacation and ready to take on the world when you get home. If you need a little more help in disciplining yourself,  I offer some Hawaii properties where unplugging is the only option because there is no internet at all!

If you planning a vacation to Hawaii don’t forget to drop me a line, I’d love to help you no matter what stage of the process you’re in.