Travel Agents Still a Great Way to Book a Vacation

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The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) were shocked last August when President Obama made a comment that was regarded as the national truth, “When was the last time somebody … used a travel agent instead of just going online?” While the ASTA aggressively countered the President’s statement, the consumer press began “rediscovering” travel agents. And what the media found was… that travel agents are still alive and doing quite well, with plenty of clientele and business. In fact, a career as a travel agent is on the upward swing, offering perks that many workers wouldn’t necessarily receive from a different career choice.

Writer for Travel Weekly, Arnie Weissmann states that, “Today, young people have more options to travel in their career, but being a travel adviser can also mean starting out at the top, as a business owner”. There is no better time than now to pursue a career in the travel industry, especially if you like money and traveling. For whatever reasons, President Obama was under the impression that most folks were doing their travel planning online, by themselves, which in fact is the opposite of what’s currently happening.

It is a myth that the best deals can only be found online, and when the press looked further into travel agent testimonies, they found that clients consistently received perks, discounts, and deals beyond what was offered online. Plus, travel agents helped out largely if clients ran into any problems during their vacation, which is an advantage that can only come from a live agent. This is all the more reason to look into booking your next vacation with a travel company, and especially a local one! And if you’re looking to plan something in Hawaii, we’ve got just the friendly and experienced Hawaii travel agents you’re looking for!