The Aloha Plate Song

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If you’ve ever heard smooth vocals of traditional Hawaiian music, chances are this song will bring back those kinds of memories. Even if you’re not familiar with Hawaiian Music , you’ll feel the Aloha in the melody. The the Aloha Plate Truck… In honor of the truck that’s making its way around the continental United States, serving up aloha one plate at a time, is an impromptu song about the Aloha Plate Truck written byLono Makia.

Connecting with truck team member Lanai Tabura, he sent over the demo of “Aloha Plate”, the first ever song written for The Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. While the song was created just for fun, we just had to share it with our listeners and readers! Aloha Plate, aloha, we travel near and far so you can have a taste at Aloha Plate” is the chorus of this original Hapa song. With the ukulele creating the melody, this song is reminiscent of traditional Hawaii and makes you feel relaxed and surrounded by aloha. “We’re serving up Aloha to each and every state at Aloha Plate” is the hook of the song and the message behind what the Aloha Plate Truck is all about.

Soft, and melodic, this song is a great show of the support the Aloha Plate Truck is receiving from home. We’re finding ohana everywhere to join the Hawaii team on this Great Food Truck Race! We are so excited about this song and can’t wait for you to listen along with us!