Stop shopping – deals are hard to find now- Just Book it!

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Aloha Bruce urges visitors book their Hawaii vacations now on the newest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce talks briefly about an interisland travel “vaccine passport” for people who have been fully vaccinated in Hawaii set to launch in May. Bruce notes that he is now fully vaccinated and that “I feel free, in a way.”

Bruce moves on to discuss the high cost of vehicle rentals in Hawaii right now, and notes that by booking with Hawaii Aloha Travel, you can avoid the high prices by bundling with us. He also mentions the flexibility that booking through HAT affords Hawaii vacationers. He also mentions

Bruce says when thinking about booking “It’s time to stop shopping! When you get a good price, take it.” He mentions a podcast listener who missed out on a great deal because she waited too long to take advantage of an exclusive offer.

Hawaii is very unique among vacation destinations, Bruce says, and HAT is able to offer upgrades, rebates, and exclusive offers. Pricing for a Hawaii vacation changes from day to day, and Bruce says HAT is in the business of finding the best deals for Hawaii visitors. The same offer available one day may be gone the next, with the difference in pricing sometimes being in the hundreds of dollars.

With his typical expert insight into Hawaii’s travel and visitor industry, Bruce offers a look into the inner workings of pricing trends in Hawaii. He also mentions the personal, customized and themed that HAT offers.

Bruce talks about a couple of bookings made in the past 48 hours, including a vacation for a multi-night stay for a couple (Eileen and Christian) from San Francisco at the historic Moana Surfrider in the heart of Waikiki. He says the price he was able to secure for them was exceptionally reasonable. Bruce then talks about a package for a family of four from Chicago staying at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort that came in around $8000.

Bruce also mentions a party of two staying at the Westin on Maui in August for just over $4500 for six nights. Hawaii Aloha Travel, Bruce says is always here to connect you with the best deals possible for all aspects of an unforgettable Hawaii vacation.

“Stop shopping!” Bruce says. “Just book it!”