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Surf Lesson Tips

Surf lessons are a popular activity to try while in Hawaii, but it’s always interesting to get a wider opinion on a topic, which is why we branched out to Facebook. We asked our fans, “Did you get surfing lessons when you came to Hawaii or are you planning to try when you come here?” and we had some interesting reviews. Majority of the comments stated that they have not yet tried surfing (which surprised us), but that they planned on doing so next time they were here. One response mentioned sharks, and she figured that as long as sharks leave the land to her, she’d leave the ocean to them. While surfing may or may not be a priority for you while vacationing in Hawaii, here what we have to say about it.

From a beginner’s perspective, if you plan to take surf lessons in Hawaii, then it’s a good idea to know the seasons of the waves. South and east facing shores catch summer swells (meaning bigger waves) whereas north and west facing shores catch the winter swells. Of course, the unpredictability of nature can change these conditions, but typically, you’ll have bigger waves in these areas during those seasons. The north shore of Oahu is notorious for it’s 7-mile miracle, a stretch of sand that offers up some of the best surf in the world. For beginners, the only place we recommend taking a surf lesson out here though is at Chun’s reef. And maybe Turtle Bay. Otherwise, you’re better off finding an easy wave in the protected wave areas of Waikiki.

Surf lessons are also almost always more fun with a friend. Plan to bring your sister, brother, boyfriend, best friend, mom or dad with you for your lesson, or book a group surf lesson with the whole family. This will be an afternoon of entertainment, and it will be an adventure you will never forget. However, if you’re trying to get serious about surfing, we recommend either a one-on-one lesson or a small group lesson. This way, the instructor has more time to spend with you and correct your stance, pop up, and balance. And just like they say with skiing, if you stick with the sport for 2-3 days consistently, you’ll be skiing (or surfing) like a pro in no time! But seriously, it’s pretty easy to stand up and ride a wave on the large foam boards that beginners learn on. And most surf lesson schools guarantee that you’ll catch a wave, or your second lesson is free!

Surfing is a sport that many people envy; it’s free, athletic, outdoorsy, and within the ocean (does it get any better?) Which is why it’s so popular to do in Hawaii. The water is warm, the sun is shining, and it’s a great way to catch up on your tan! Plus get some decent ocean time in to keep you dreaming about it till next vacation. A tip for staying occupied while doing surf lessons in a large group: bring a snorkel and mask! That way, when the instructor is focused on another student, you can stay busy and enjoy the underwater world below your dangling feet. And for those who have shark phobias, remember this slice of assurance: you’re more likely to be killed by a falling coconut than by a shark attack. So remember, don’t stand under heavy coconut trees and take your chances out in the water! It’ll be worth it every time.