Should you plan a Multi Island Hawaii Vacation or stay on one island?

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Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are giving some important information about planning a Multi-Island Hawaii Vacation on this Monday, March 28, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. But first, some Hawaii vacation news and the Restaurant of the Week, as well as developments in Hawaii’s vacation rental market.

Bruce begins by discussing a Honolulu County plan to increase enforcement of Oahu vacation rental rules, which includes minimum stays and parking restrictions for visitors. “This is going to discourage a lot of people,” says Bruce. He notes some of the ways that homeowners are skirting existing rules and wonders how the City will actually increase enforcement. Bruce also mentions common complaints about vacation rentals from Oahu residents.

Our hosts move on to discuss a new “slow travel trend”, a contrast to what a local researcher calls “Instagram tourism”. Bruce says that the new slow travel trend is seeing more visitors looking for more meaningful experiences like visiting museums, historic places, and indigenous sites. Bruce says, “Why not just unplug while you’re here? Become a slow traveler!”

The Restaurant of the Week focuses on Koko Marina Shopping Center and Hawaii Kai Town Center in East Honolulu near the Ka Iwi Coast, both of which feature a number of notable and tasty eateries that offer great quality and value, with the Koa Pancake House getting a special shout-out.

Bruce gets into details about planning a Multi-Island Hawaii Vacation. He suggests planning four nights per island you plan to visit. Bruce also talks about the importance of picking the islands “that are right for you”. He also notes that visitors can do “island splits”, like staying in both Kona and in Hilo on Hawaii Island during a Big Island trip. “There’s so much to do!” Similar splits are available on Oahu, Kauai, and Maui as well. Bruce and Yaling discuss the differences between different parts of each island, as the Multi-Island Hawaii vacation episode rolls on.

Our hosts also encourage podcast listeners to engage with the Hawaii-Aloha Vacation Podcast, the HAT Facebook page and HAT’s TikTok account, which features a video Bruce took of Magnum PI filming in Waikiki that has garnered well over 7 million views (!!). Aloha!