Which Island to Choose?

Are you planning a dream vacation to Hawaii but have absolutely no idea which island to choose?

Hawaii is not a single travel destination, but really six different destinations.  The six main Hawaiian islands are Oahu, Kaua’i, Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i, and the Big Island.  Each island has its own distinct personality, attractions and appeal.  The islands are so diverse that each trip can offer a completely different experience from the last.

With so much available to see and do, a Hawaiian vacation experience can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any particular lifestyle.  By knowing what the various islands have to offer and matching this with your personal desires for your trip, you can ensure to have the vacation experience of a lifetime.


This is the “Heart of Hawaii.”  And if you’re looking for constant action, against a backdrop of beaches, sun, and fun, this is where you want to be.  And although the bustling city of Waikiki is located here, Oahu is really much, much more.  Unfortunately, however, many visitors to the island only experience Waikiki and leave thinking that this is Oahu.  In addition to Waikiki Beach, the best known stretch of sand in the world and where you can shop, eat, sun, dance, and do basically any activity you desire, the island also offers rainforests, valleys and canyons, waterfalls, coral reefs, gold-sand beaches and mountains nearly a mile high.  The windward (east) coast of the Island has, in my opinion, the most beautiful beaches and best atmosphere in the islands.  But I do live here!


The “Garden Isle”, also known as the “Island of Discovery”, Kaua’i is the oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands.  If you’re looking for unsurpassed tropical beauty, and a really relaxed atmosphere, this is the island for you.  The Na Pali Coast on the northwestern shore is comprised of steep 3,000-foot cliffs, beautiful bays, beaches and caves that are only accessible by boat or hiking several miles.  Other areas of the island have lush valleys, taro fields, waterfalls, picturesque resort communities, heiaus (ancient Hawaiian temples), palm-tree lined beaches, and old sugar plantation towns.  On the west side of the island you can find Waimea Canyon, the 10-mile long “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.)  Kaua’i has plenty to offer in regards to activities, including golf, shopping, dining, movies and more, but it also carries a very “untouched” feel as well.


For first time visitors to the islands, I’d recommend Maui, also known as the “Magic Isle” or “Valley Isle”.  Maui has it all – from dormant volcanoes to waterfalls, valleys to lush rainforests, miles of beautiful beaches and lively coral reefs, luxury resorts to moderately-priced condos.  Maui is truly the ideal tropical paradise.  The lively, little town of Lahaina is sprinkled with cute shops, gourmet restaurants, galleries, fun night spots and bars.  And from December through the end of March, visitors get quite a show as the humpback whales play off shore.  And although there are endless options for activities and fun, a secluded beach or cove is never hard to find.


A trip to Moloka’i is like a step back in time.  If you’re looking for privacy, seclusion, and quiet, you’ll find it here.  The island doesn’t have any stop lights, tall buildings, or night clubs, but it’s rich in cultural history and there’s plenty of natural beauty to explore – the world’s tallest sea cliffs, Hawaii’s tallest waterfall, coral reefs, fishponds, gorgeous valleys, white-sand beaches and sand dunes.  The closest you’ll get to a city is the main town of Kaunakakai, a one-street town with a fishing wharf, gift shops and boutiques.


Lana’i is another option if you’re looking for privacy, seclusion, and quiet, and if cost isn’t an issue.  Lana’i only has two resorts, both luxury 5-star properties owned by Four Seasons.  If you want to spend your days playing golf on superb courses, relaxing on beautiful beaches, and pampering yourself in luxury, Lana’i is a great choice.  The island also appeals to adventure seekers, with plenty of snorkeling and diving opportunities, hunting, hiking, archery, sporting clays, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

Big Island

The Big Island is actually named “Hawai’i,” but everyone calls it the “Big Island” to avoid confusion with the name of the entire chain of islands.  The Big Island is home to the only active volcano, and you can theoretically ski and surf in the same day if the conditions are right.  The island is the biggest in Hawai’i in terms of size, and contains a huge contrast of geological landscapes.  The Kohala Coast, on the northwestern side, is where you want to stay if you’re looking for beautiful beaches and perfect weather.  The many luxury resorts located here offer world-class golf courses.  Kailua-Kona and Keauhou are areas located more south on the west coast, and these areas are oceanfront on lava rock, with some of the world’s best snorkeling and deep-sea fishing.  Kailua-Kona is a cute little town.  The sleepy and rainy town of Hilo is on the windward (east) side of the island, and only 40 minutes from Volcanoes National Park, where you can hike to see lava flowing into the sea.

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