Romantic Getaways in Hawaii

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There are year round weddings, honeymoons, and proposals taking place in Hawaii, an ever-increasing popular destination for romance and love. The beaches, warm weather, and tropical surroundings spark a sense of adventure and “getting back to the basics” type of grounding ness, bringing couples closer together. But if you’re not getting married, honeymooning, or planning to propose anytime soon, don’t worry! You and your sweetheart can still vacation to Hawaii and experience the romance of the islands, without the big shebang. And if you’re looking for ways to renew your love for one another, then consider one of our recommendations for a romantic getaway to Hawaii!

New (unmarried) couples can getaway to Hawaii for a couple’s vacation pretty easily these days. If you book ahead of time, you can find roundtrip prices from the mainland to Hawaii for $300 a person, and hotel accommodations for under $100 a night. Because getting time off work is usually the kicker for couples looking to vacation, rest assured that even an extended 4-day weekend will give you the relaxation you’ve been needing, and it’s a great way to get to know or reconnect with your partner. Quick trips make for power packed days, and there’s no place like Hawaii to get a handful of activities in on one day. Picture enjoying an urban hike in the morning, an afternoon spent snorkeling at the beach, and an evening watching the sunset with champagne onboard a catamaran cruise. Now that sounds not only realistic, but affordable and fun too!

Or, if you’re on a budget, turn your vacation into a spontaneous type of adventure. Impulsive vacations can make for an incredibly fun time, and that old saying, “the adventure doesn’t begin until something goes wrong” can be looked at in a positive light. Book a cheap hotel in the outskirts of town, plan to picnic for your meals, and travel by foot or public transportation instead of renting a car. This type of vacationing then transitions into “traveling”, which is when couples get to experience new and exciting things together. Instead of simply lounging by the pool and waiting for the expected to arrive, seize the day and make your own adventure together.

Another way to create a romantic getaway to Hawaii is for married couples to renew their vows. Just recently Outrigger Hotels & Resorts had their 10,000th couple renew their vows on the beach since they began the program for couples back in 2003. These vow renewal services are open exclusively to resort guests and are held year round four days a week at the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach and Outrigger Reef on the Beach in Waikiki. Couples enjoy a non-denominational Hawaiian wedding ceremony with an officiant who begins with a traditional Hawaiian chant. Graceful hula dancing and music floats on the breeze and the couple is sprinkled with seawater while vows are exchanged. The ceremony concludes with the traditional wedding song and photos, plus a commemorative certificate of the celebration.

With so many options for a romantic getaway to Hawaii with your honey, you should consider planning ahead and booking a trip. It is undeniable that the tropical islands of Hawaii evoke a sense of newness, excitement, and spontaneity for couples. These features of a relationship are important for long-lasting love, and what better way to encourage this in your relationship than with an adventure for just the two of you. Hawaii is for lovers, so grab your dearest and get out here to Hawaii nei for some well-deserved romance.