Respecting the Aina (island) on your Hawaii Vacation

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This week we’ve got a great podcast for you. Lots of news items that are sure to interest you, starting off with the topic of the International Marketplace. You may have heard by now that this beloved outdoor shopping space is undergoing renovation soon. And we’ll give you the update about when they expect to complete it, plus what’s going on with the vendors who set up here every day.

Remember Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii? Then you probably remember the Coco Palms. It’s been an eyesore for the past 21 years, but now there are some investors that are looking to repair it and get it open for business once again. We’ll tell you more about this rebuild in the podcast. Speaking of new buildings, we’ll tell you about the two new spots that are likely to open up on Oahu… and here’s a hint. One is a popular clothing and apartment store where you can find some of the craziest books on the market, and the other is where you’ll find some of the best organic chocolate on the planet! We’ll say no more…

Our next topic concerns that long lost name ‘Aloha Airlines’ and what Island Air has up its sleeve regarding this. Next is the new exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art, one you definitely don’t want to miss, and our last topic is about the HTA and what their goals are for 2014.

And finally, our main topic of the day. How to respect the Aina (island) during your Hawaii vacation. It’s something that comes up a lot between tourists and locals, and it’s best if visitors know a few things about respecting the island before they travel here. We’ll talk about ‘mana’, bad luck following you off the island, turtle harassment and more interesting topics as part of this discussion.