Nightlife in Waikiki

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Nightlife on Oahu

Today we talk about things to do at night on Oahu. Depending on your preferences there’s really something for everybody after the sun sets. In Hawaii we like to Pau Hana which really means relaxing after a hard days work. In Waikiki their several places to do this including some of the more expensive hotels where are you’ll find an open door policy. Even if you don’t stay in these hotels you can enjoy the atmosphere and entertainment. If you’re into sports fishing you can find a great excursion for shark fishing or bottom fishing at night. You also might want to consider a moonlight dinner or one of the evening shows we have such as Society of seven or the Magic of Polynesia. If you’re a young person there’s lots of hip clubs in Chinatown that you can enjoy. We recommend a local website called Nonstophonolulu(broken link removed) which lists lots of fun things for young people to do on Oahu.

Shrimp Trucks

Karen one of our Facebook friends asked about the shrimp trucks on the North Shore. She specifically wanted to know about Giovanni’s but there are many shrimp trucks worth considering. A couple of years ago we sponsored a shrimp truck trek tour where we sampled some of the most popular trucks on the North Shore. It was the consensus of the group that Macky’s in Haleiwa was the best.

Lei Greetings

Part of the Hawaii tradition is receiving a lei for special occasions. Very often we package a lei greeting into the itinerary that we plan for folks Hawaii vacations. We arrange for a lei greeter to meet our customers at the airport and present them with this very special welcome. There are lei stands at the airport where you can purchase lei’s to take these back with you for the mainland for gifts. We talk about the options offer suggestions about lei greetings in Hawaii.