Negativity about Hawaii visitors being promulgated on social media is misguided !

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Aloha Bruce is solo with the latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast to talk about Hawaii’s quarantine requirement for Hawaii visitors, and about some of the copious misinformation about traveling to and vacationing in Hawaii. Bruce notes that Governor David Ige has announced a mandatory negative COVID-19 test result pre-boarding a Hawaii-bound flight beginning Tuesday, November 24.

Bruce says that negativity about Hawaii visitors being promulgated on social media is misguided and that the vast majority of Hawaii visitors are educated about our COVID-19 protocols and are respectful of the rules established to contain the virus while reopening Hawaii to tourism. He notes that glitches in the Hawaii Safe Travels were always expected and that Hawaii and its officials are doing an admirable job of managing the global crisis. He says that the people he’s worked with planning a Hawaii vacation are conscientious, noting that the people who have made it to Hawaii for a vacation are having “the time of their lives”. He shares some stories about bookings he’s made and how happy those people have been, and he urges folks to make negative comments about Hawaii tourism in context with the massive amount of positive experiences people are having. He also notes the Hawaii Aloha Travel Facebook page/community that shares important, positive information about Hawaii’s COVID-19 efforts and experiences.

Our host offers some suggestions about changes that could be made to Hawaii’s quarantine rules for the better. Bruce dispels the myth that anyone in the travel industry is interested only in money. “I am not a COVID hoaxer”, Bruce says, noting the many community outreach efforts of people and businesses in Hawaii tourism. He soundly rejects the insidious notion that tourism businesses and officials are interested only in profits. “I’m fed up with it, to be honest with you,” Bruce says.

Bruce talks about the need for “brand management” and the prevalence of COVID scolds and trolls on social media shaming visitors and spreading disinformation. He also talks about new testing and quarantine rules on the Neighbor Islands.

As always, Bruce keeps it positive.