My Favorite Walking Paths on Oahu

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For some, Hawaii instills a sense of adventure and desire for outdoor activity, such as hiking. A big hiking fan myself, I must say that Oahu has some of Hawaii’s finest hiking trails, but I also have to admit that throughout my time here in the islands, I’ve come across many people that aren’t here for the hikes. Which is perfectly fine! Some people aren’t as nimble on their feet as they used to be or just aren’t that into the strenuousness of a hike. Some, like myself, might just want to skip the hike and enjoy a leisurely walk instead for exercise. Whatever the case may be, a good walk is just as fun and entertaining as a good hike, and you’re in luck with our top Oahu walking paths list.

Walking is a great form of exercise and is as easy as tying on your tennies. And in Hawaii the weather is always accommodating for a nice stroll, plus it’s a good way to get out and about and see the sights by foot instead of by car. Many people enjoy a nice walk after a big meal to help with digestion, while some prefer a stroll in the morning to get the day started. Whatever your walking style may be, we’re going to fill you in on some of Oahu’s best paths for an easy stroll.

No matter which side of the island you’re staying on, we’ve got a nice route you can take by foot. And all of them can be done in your sandals or slippers too! So forget the vigorous hikes and slow the pace down with an unhurried, relaxing walk.

Here’s  my top picks but listen to the show for all the details about why I am choosing these.