Must-have Hawaii travel accessories

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If you’re an accessory-addict and love to travel, have we found some items for you! Seems there’s a travel accessory to fulfill you’re every travel want and need–we even found some must-have Hawaii travel accessories you didn’t even know you needed (yet). The website, Travelon, features dozens of accessories for the world traveler, and we’ve picked a few for those of you headed to Hawaii (or anywhere for that matter).

If you’re taking an extra-long flight and want to keep the circulation flowing, Travelon offers-up compression socks that reduce swelling and can even help reduce the chance of developing blood clots, which can form if you sit too long on a plane. Just as importantly, compression socks can help relieve that feeling of heavy, sore legs that often happens when you travel long distances. Speaking of compression, we also found travel compression bags on the Travelon website, which can help reduce the amount of space you need by compressing your clothes into a small space.

Another useful item we found is a set of inflatable clothes hangers, which you can inflate once you get to your destination. And, don’t forget to take along your travel toothbrush holder–there’s nothing more disgusting than getting gunk all over your toothbrush. We also found body washing sheets and clothes washing sheets, that take up a fraction of the space in your suitcase. Also, you can bring them in your carry-on bag, since they’re not liquid. Finally, we loved the site’s security wallets. Many of them feature slash-proof straps, and they’re perfect for storing your important travel documents.