Must Do Things to Do on Lanai

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If you’re interested in whats happening on the Island of Lanai this podcast is for you. Lanai Tabura, born and raised on the Pineapple isle is in the studio to give us he top Must Do Things to do on Lanai!!

The island of Lanai is just off the coast of Maui, but it may as well be a million miles away. Although Lanai is small when compared to some of the other islands, you’ll be surprised at all there is to see and do. We’ve put together a “must-do” list for you here, so you can make the most of your time on this amazing island.

If you’ve even wondered what the planet, Mars, might look like, you can get a pretty good idea when you visit Keahiakawelo, also known as Garden of the Gods. The site is an otherworldly rock garden at the end of rocky Polihua Road. Located roughly 45-minutes from Lanai City, on the northwest side of the island, its mysterious lunar topography is populated with boulders and rock towers.

On the southern coast, you’ll find Puu Pehe, better known as Sweetheart Rock, which rises from the sea betwee Hulopoe Bay and Manele Bay. Besides being a picturesque natural landmark, Puu Pehe is also steeped in Hawaiian legend (an ancient Hawaiian warrior hid his sweetheart away here, who drowned in the waters. Alas, the Hawaiian warrior plunged to his OWN death off Puu Pehe).

Finally, Kaiolohia (Shipwreck Beach) is an eight-mile stretch of beach that has wrecked numerous ships along its shallow, rocky channel. In fact, the hull of a ghostly oil tanker from the 1940s is still beached on Kaiolohia Bay’s coral reef, its rusted hull giving the beach a surreal sense of wonder.