Is Oahu Overcrowded and too “touristy”? | The Pros and Cons about staying on Oahu Island

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Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher look into the question of “is Oahu overcrowded?” on this latest episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast, and they start of by encouraging listeners to engage with the HAT Facebook page, where a large community discusses Hawaii vacations and offers unique, expert perspectives. “Information is ‘king’”, Bruce notes. “And time is money.”

Bruce and Yaling start off by discussing the high volume of calls HAT has been receiving about June and July Hawaii vacations, and high demand driving up prices before getting into the latest Hawaii tourism news, including a new City Council measure that has passed to ban short term vacation rentals outside of designated resort areas. Our hosts break down the impact of the new law.

Bruce mentions 30,000 Hawaii arrivals on Wednesday, March 22 and says, “We are now ahead of pre-pandemic numbers.” He also mentions the return of international travel to Hawaii and what that might mean for customer service in the Islands.

Is Oahu overcrowded? Bruce talks about the idea that Oahu is too “touristy” with Yaling noting that certain areas are meant to be touristy. Bruce shares one comment from a visitor about the atmosphere during her vacation and another who noted that it depends on where in Hawaii you go. “There’s nothing wrong with being a tourist!” Bruce laughs, and he shares other comments from the Facebook community.

Is Oahu overcrowded? Well, it is called “The Gathering Place”, and Bruce talks about some of the more popular attractions that can be found on the island of Oahu. He suggests getting out of Waikiki to escape the crowds, including heading to the Halona Blowhole at the southeastern tip of Oahu (also known as “From Here to Eternity Beach”) near the famous Hanauma Bay.

Bruce and Yaling talk about some of the things that make Oahu an attractive destination for first-time Hawaii visitors. Oahu offers the widest variety of experiences for new visitors. He mentions the Chinatown Arts District, the Pearl Harbor experience, and Bishop Museum.

Bruce mentions that Oahu is overcrowded and notes that rush hour traffic can get “pretty bad”. Our hosts remind listeners that Oahu is not an “exotic” destination and that Honolulu is a major US city. “Things are opening up,” Bruce says and notes the Merrie Monarch Festival, the Waikiki Spam Jam, and incoming Broadway shows as just a few of the activities visitors can enjoy on Oahu.