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We know you’re coming to Hawaii for a fabulous vacation, to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and to treat yourself to much needed relaxation and fun. While that of course is the most important part of a Hawaii vacation, taking in some of the Historic Sites to visit in Hawaii that are fun and educational, too! On today’s podcast, Lanai and AlohaBruce talk about some of the most popular locations and the history behind a number of historical Hawaii landmarks.

The history of Hawaii dates back over 1500 years. Long before Captain Cook set foot in these islands, Hawaiians were busy creating sustainable communities by building sophisticated agricultural systems. They were and are masters of the land and sea which led to the ahupua’a system. This system, centered around fresh water rivers and streams, controlled and allocated the landscape and its resources from the highest mountain peaks to the ocean shore and the reefs that have come to make Hawaii one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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Native Hawaiians became proficient at harvesting crops such as sweet potatoes, Taro, bananas and more. They had a system to manage ocean resources as well, with strict rules on when certain plants, animals and fish could be harvested. Violators of these kapu faced the punishment of death.

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for fun and interesting places to go on your vacation make to include Historic Sites to visit in Hawaii. If you want some ideas and suggestions this podcast is for you! Email AlohaBruce if you need more info or would like help to start planning your Hawaii vacation.