Hawaiian vs Hawaiian Style Food

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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Hawaiian food and Hawaiian style food? It’s probably a question that’s never even crossed your mind, right?

Many visitors just assume that when you come to Hawaii you’ll simply enjoy Hawaiian food by default without really giving it much thought. For the most part that’s true with over 3000 restaurants in the Islands it’s hard NOT to easily enjoy the food here. But for the the inner foodie in you it’s helpful to understand the basic difference. Hawaiian food in the purest sense is made up of only two things; Fish and Poi. On the other hand, Hawaiian style food is a combination of flavors from many cultures merged together. That’s pretty much it!

Emmy award-winning Lanai Tabura shares with us his unique insight into the foods of Hawaii on this podcast. We talk about the cultures they’re from and how the food is prepared. We’ll discuss some of the most popular and not so popular foods you need to try when you visit. We got food covered for you on this podcast, Lanai shares some of the best hole in the wall restaurants on Oahu and give you some ideas for foods to try when you here on your Hawaii Vacation.