Hawaiian Airlines Now Offering Free Wine

Two glasses of red wine with Hawaiian sunset in background
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Did we hear right? Free wine?!! Yes, Hawaiian Airlines is now offering passengers 21 and older a free glass of red or white wine, hand selected by Hawaii sommelier, Chuck Furuya that comes with lunch or dinner. This is just another addition to Hawaiian Airlines new services on flights from the mainland to Hawaii, including their Pau Hana Snack Bar with choices like kalua pork sandwiches, Hawaiian sweet bread with cream cheese and guava jelly, spam musubi, ramen noodles, and other tasty local treats.

The purpose behind these new changes to the in-flight services is to introduce mainland passengers to the rich culture of Hawaii before they even reach the land for their Hawaii Vacations. Offering local dishes is a way for passengers to experience the flavor of the islands, making for a smooth and fun transition from the continental U.S. to the Hawaiian Islands. One of the only (if not the only) remaining airlines that still offer its passengers free in-flight meals, Hawaiian Airlines is becoming a leading airline in customer service satisfaction.