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On the final Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast of 2019, Aloha Bruce and Emmy Award-winner Lanai Tabura offer their mahalo to listers as they delve into Hawaii Made Products to bring back from your Vacation. Lanai mentions Don Quijote, a popular iconic local department store located near Ala Moana Center and just minutes from Waikiki’s hotels and resorts.

Bruce talks about koa wood products, available at retailers like Martin & MacArthur. Lanai shares his vast expertise about what makes koa wood so unique and prized by collectors. He notes the rarity of koa wood and how its rich texture is distinctly Hawaiian. Our hosts note that there are many koa products on the market, furniture, sculpture, wristwatches, and ukuleles among them. Lanai says to seek out koa products outside of Waikiki from local merchants.

The conversation moves on to Ni’ihau shell jewelry and Lanai says to verify their authenticity, as the exceedingly rare and tiny seashells are quite expensive and are being faked by importers. The shells are cherished as Hawaiian jewelry pieces, all great Hawaii Made Products to bring back from your Vacation

Lanai then delves into the history of iconic Hawaiian gold jewelry and its Victorian British origins. Many families present bracelets, pendants and other finery to family members celebrating traditional first birthday celebrations for new family members. Bruce mentions Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry.

Hawaiian fabrics are noted by our hosts as popular Hawaii Made Products to bring back from your Vacation many people take them home as gifts. They are cherished among avid crafters and great Hawaii Made Products to bring back from your Vacation.

Hawaiian pearl jewelry is also popular among visitors to Hawaii, and Lanai shares more of his expertise about the sourcing of the rare gems in the Aloha State. Many of the black pearls found in Hawaii are sourced from Tahiti. Our host’s joke about pick-your-pearl oyster operations, and that the quality is often dubious and the sales pitch disingenuous. Lanai mentions Maui Divers as a trustworthy pearl retailer.

Bruce and Lanai move on to the topic of macadamia nuts, which are hugely popular among Hawaii visitors looking for gifts to take home. Lanai says the nuts are originally from Australia, but that macadamia nuts from Hawaii taste better because of our volcanic soil. Our hosts go on to talk about the wide variety of macadamia products available, such as macadamia nut oil. Ukuleles come up again, and Lanai says good quality instruments are available at reasonable prices.

Aloha Bruce and Lanai talk about the popularity of Hawaii-made rum, mentioning the Ko Hana Rum Company. The distillery uses Hawaiian varieties of sugar cane and is available at many Hawaii retailers and served at Hawaii restaurants.

Our hosts talk about the quality and comfort of Hawaiian quilts and what makes them so unique and desirable (and expensive). The conversation moves on to Hawaiian fruit preserves, including mango and passion fruit that are easy to find and to take back home from a Hawaii vacation.

Bruce and Lanai continue with a discussion of giving Hawaiian music as a gift, and aloha wear with shout outs to popular brands in the Aloha State. Lanai says aloha wear bought at a convenience store is likely cheap and inauthentic.

The discussion moves to Hawaii craft brews with Lanai recommending Beer Lab Hawaii. Our hosts agree that there is a huge variety of Hawaii products that are perfect for gift giving after a Hawaii vacation.