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Aloha Bruce Fisher is talking about Hawaii hotels and Hawaii hotel categories on this, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Podcast. He offers some great insight into choosing what type of hotel room is best for your Hawaii vacation plans.

Bruce starts of with some Hawaii tourism news, including efforts on Maui to cap visitor units and restrict the use of “camper vans” as vacation rental units. Bruce says many residents there support the measure and discuss resident concerns. Bruce mentions current vacation rental restrictions on Oahu. Bruce also mentions Hawaiian Airlines partnering with SkyLink to provide internet access on their flights. “I say you should disconnect!”. He also briefly notes a recent HAT Blog post about the surprising history of “Rabbit Island”, or Manana, of East Oahu.

On to the subject of Hawaii hotels, Bruce gets into ocean view hotel rooms and whether they are important for a Hawaii vacation. He discusses many people in the HAT’s Facebook community who have said they’d prefer an ocean view. “You do pay a premium, always, for ocean views,” he says. Bruce agrees that an ocean view is a great way to start and end your days during a Hawaii vacation. It may not be a priority for some Hawaii vacationers.

Bruce moves into discussing different room categories at Hawaii hotels, including, Standard View, Run of House, City View, and Partial Ocean View and the differences between them. “Some hotels even offer a Parking Lot View!”

The description Ocean View is up next, and Bruce says Ocean Front View is the highest level of room in Hawaii hotels. He says that it’s important to talk with a travel planner about your specific wants and needs for the view from Hawaii hotels. “If you really want to save money, don’t worry about the ocean view.”

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