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This week’s Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast focuses on Hawaii for the solo traveler. Aloha Bruce mentions a couple of listeners who have called Hawaii-Aloha Travel with questions about traveling solo in the Aloha State. Aloha Bruce also notes that listeners can now comment on the podcast web page, and Lanai says he’s keen to hear where folks are listening from. Bruce offers a shout-out to listeners in Japan.

Our hosts talk about safety for solo travelers, and Lanai says Hawaii is very safe for travelers and notes Hawaii’s relatively low crime rates. Bruce says he often has to remind visitors that Hawaii is one of the 50 states and is not an international destination for US residents.

Lanai discusses the fact that he often travels alone and why he like the freedom and flexibility of solo travel. He says that solo travel is becoming more popular among international and millennial women. Bruce says that transportation is key for solo travelers while Lanai offers his insight about the length of Circle Island tours.
Both hosts give their thoughts on the sometimes-lacking quality of hostel accommodations on Oahu. With his typical candor, Lanai says “Get a boutique hotel.” Bruce points out that people in Hawaii are typically quite friendly, and it’s easy for solo travelers to make friends on their vacation.

Booze cruises and surf lessons are mentioned along with other a variety of other great activities for visitors traveling alone. Lanai mentions as another fun activity. Bruce says that solo travelers can enjoy all of the same activities enjoyed by groups and also notes that solo travelers can enjoy more flexibility and spur-of-the-moment side trips.

Bruce says that Maui is an ideal destination for solo travelers for a variety of reasons. He recommends bus tours on Maui as being affordable and a good way to meet people. Bruce and Lanai remind listeners that Hawaii Aloha Travel provides the kind of local knowledge that allows Hawaii visitors to find the best deals, whether traveling solo or with large families or groups.