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This week, I heard from a guest who was upset about having a Hawaii Cockroach encounter in his room. He sent me multiple photos of the pesky creatures and asked me to relocate him to another property.

While I was happy to do that, the reality is Cockroaches in Hawaii are a part of the Hawaiian community, and chances are you might encounter a few during your stay, so please don’t be alarmed. Even when relocated, I explained there may still be a few cockroach sightings.

Cockroaches are an ancient insect species, with fossil records suggesting their existence for over 200 million years. There are many types of cockroaches, but the most common Hawaii Cockroach is the American Cockroach. But there are 20 different types of cockroaches!!

In addition, these pests can sometimes be hard to catch! They can still be alive and scurry off even if you think you’ve smashed one! They can show up just about anywhere. They can crawl through building walls and fly through small cracks. They love warmth, but just like humans, they prefer a slightly cooler environment for shelter, so they are likely to appear at night.

Steps to take to avoid a Hawaii Cockroach encounter

Here are some steps to take to avoid a Hawaii Cockroach encounter on your Hawaii vacation:
• Avoid eating in your hotel room.
• If you’re in a condo, make sure you clean thoroughly if cooking your own meals.
• Consider getting a couple of HoyHoy non-toxic traps. These contain sticky material and bait that traps the roaches in the container.
Contact management; they are usually very accommodating about sending an exterminator or even changing rooms.
• If you happen to smash one at home, make sure you use an antibacterial wipe to clean the area:

hoyhoy 1
Non-toxic HoyHoy Traps

Other Pests

While roaches are most likely to appear in living spaces, mosquitoes are the other most common insects you will likely encounter. There are several types of mosquitoes in Hawaii. Still, for the most part, you’ll only get bitten if you are out on hikes, in remote areas near water, or occasionally at night if you’re at a resort in less populated areas.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing to worry about in your hotel room or the resort you’re likely staying at.

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