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Aloha Bruce and Yaling Fisher are in the studio to talk about the best way to rent a car on Oahu for the latest Hawaii Vacations Podcast, along with some pertinent Hawaii travel news and recent and relevant bookings.

The Halekulani Hotel’s Mothers’ Day Brunch was noted as one of the most extravagant brunches in the US by Conde Nast, and Bruce shares some of the details about booking a table. Next up is a new suspended pedestrian bridge in Kapalua on Maui, now Hawaii’s longest. It’s part of Kapalua Resort’s Mountain Adventure Course, and to cross the bridge, you’ll have to sign up for the Zipline.

Bruce also reminds listeners that there are essentially no Covid restrictions on Hawaii travel. “I’m not sure why people keep asking me that.” The CDC has declared Hawaii’s level of Covid risk as “medium”, up from “low”. He and Yaling agree that rising numbers are cause for concern. “We’re careful out here. I think it makes good sense to be as prudent as possible.”

When it comes to figure out how to rent a car on Oahu, Bruce talks about smart ways to get around the island. Parking is expensive, and Bruce observe that you might not need a rental vehicle for your entire Oahu stay. A discussion of HAT social media community members’ comments on the topic follows, with testimonials from Hawaii visitors. Some rented vehicles and were pleased. Some did not and were also pleased.

“This is a big city,” Bruce says about Oahu. “But everything is pretty much in proximity to everything else. The airport is only 15 minutes from Waikiki.” Our hosts discuss a variety of alternative modes of transportation available on Oahu, including TheBus, bicycling, and just walking.

“Parking can be up to fifty bucks a night,” says Bruce about hotel parking fees.

The latest HAT booked vacations include an inter-island stay for two with rooms and rental vehicle that came in under $5000 (excluding transpacific airfare) for a week in September that includes the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Yaling shares another booking for two from Virginia Beach, VA in December for a weeklong stay at the Waikiki Beach Hotel came in at about $4,200, including airfare.

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