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Lanai Tabura, born and raised in Hawaii discovered something about himself; he’s been here his entire life but hasn’t been to a lot of popular attractions most locals and even tourists have experienced. For example; he’s never gone on the popular LaniKai Pillbox hike, just about everyone who’s live here has done that! Curious to find out if other locals likewise haven’t been to some of these places he asked his FB fans “If you’re a local, what poplar attractions or landmarks (like Pearl Harbor) have you never been to? After reviewing the comments, we were surprised how many locals take for granted some of the fun things to do in Hawaii. We thought this would be a perfect podcast topic to share which should give you some ideas about fun things to do in Hawaii when you’re here.

There are so many activities and Fun things to do in Hawaii. You could probably spend years here and never do all that’s available. Today we offer up some of the suggestions that came in to our fan pages and add some of our own. We cover some that may be on your bucket list and other that might not be on your list at all. The best part is that some of these suggestions are absolutely free or very affordable.

Taking the lead from Lanai we also asked our Hawaii Aloha Travel FB friends about some to chime in with the Fun things to do in Hawaii they’ve enjoyed while on Vacation here and plan to do when they visit. We share some of the unique one s and offer some advice about how to visit them. From hiking to museums we share as much as we could in our short podcast. To find out more make sure you follow Lanai and Hawaii Aloha Travel on Facebook