Friday Night Fireworks on the Makani Catamaran

Passengers enjoying a cruise on the Makani Catamaran
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A few days ago we had the chance to sail on the Makani Catamaran on its Friday night fireworks cruise. The journey starts with a nice cruise out to sea where you experince a classic Hawaiian sunset. We were lucky enough to see the “green flash” because the view plane was so clear across the ocean. Once the Sunset dips behind the horizon, you’re treated to a fun cruise up the coastline of Waikiki culminating in an exciting fireworks display from the Hilton Hawaiian Village off of Waikiki Beach. The atmosphere on the boat feels like you’re with a bunch of friends just enjoying a night of cruising. It’s casual relaxed and doesn’t have a lot of the touristy over-the-top Hawaiian entertainment that is found so often on these cruises. The music. Classic Rook. The boat has great $1 cocktails and delicious Pu Pu’s.

At the helm of the boat is Capt. Jon who is truly passionate about sharing his love for the ocean and Hawaii with his passengers and guests. He’s a veteran captain with over 20 years experience in navigating large vessels safely. In 2005 Jon helped to build the Makani in St. Croix which took over 10 months to complete. He then sailed the boat over 8000 miles for two months to Hawaiian waters. Since then he’s been working to build a great crew and providing adventures for thousands of visitors to Hawaii.

If you’re on Oahu and what a great time I highly recommend you take a cruise on this fun catamaran. John and his crew do an excellent job you surely will have experience to take back with you the last a lifetime. The crews operate seven days a week and offers many different sailing options including charters for special events. For more information check out their website at