Favorite Hawaiian Words

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Today we talk about common words you’ll likely hear on your Hawaiian Vacation.

Imagine this: 500,000 Hawaiians spoke the language when Captain Cook arrived. Today, there are only 1,000 native speakers left, most of whom live on isolated Ni’ihau. Another 8,000 people can speak and understand Hawaiian, and use it among themselves. However, people who have lived here for any length of time use many Hawaiian words in our daily lives, today we share some of the words you’ll likely hear when you come to the islands.

Common Hawaiian Words

  • Pau – All done, over
  • Manini – Small
  • Puka – Hole
  • Kuleana – Taking responsibility
  • Mauka – to the Mountians
  • Makai – to the ocean/sea
  • Aloha – Greeting
  • Mahalo – Thank you
  • Ono – good
  • Kau Kau – to Eat
  • Lolo – crazy
  • Mahalo nui – thank you big
  • Kapa Kahi – upside down, all messed up
  • Pilau – rotten