Enjoying your Hawaii Vacation like a Hollywood Celebrity

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With top notch beaches, year round warm weather, and water front resorts, it’s no wonder Hawaii is a popular destination for celebrities to frequent. And despite Hawaii’s flood of tourism that keeps the beaches busy, celebrities still choose to vacation within the islands. While they may find a slice of seclusion at their resort or private rental, they still have to brave the outside world every now and again, and it’s quite common for vacationers to catch a glimpse of a Hollywood celebrity.

While it may be tempting to rush up to an actor or singer for an autograph, keep in mind that these people deserve personal space like everyone else. And they also probably don’t enjoy being bothered when they’re trying to relax. In fact, Steven Tyler of the rock band Aerosmith found this to be such a problem, that he proposed an act that would protect celebrities’ privacy in the state of Hawaii. Owning a multimillion-dollar home on Maui, Steven Tyler says that he is constantly bombarded by onlookers and fans and actually caught paparazzi taking pictures of him and his girlfriend through the window of their private home.

Tyler fought for an act that would allow celebrities to sue others who take photos or video of their private moments, which was dubbed the Tyler Steven Act. Other celebrities like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and Mick Fleetwood submitted written testimony in favor of the bill. Although it made it through the Senate this past February, the future is looking bleak as key lawmakers say they won’t push it through.

Sounds like celebrities are getting pretty serious about their private time, especially in Hawaii. Is there a law like this in California? Or the Caribbean? Why would they single out Hawaii when this stuff goes on in probably every state and country these celebrities visit? Anyways, there is an upside to this topic. Because celebrities visit Hawaii on the regular, this means that you’re vacationing in the same destination as the Hollywood A Listers! So your upcoming vacation to the islands can be glamorous too.

You can find big names like Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake, Owen Wilson, Cher, Paris Hilton, and Elton John hanging around their property or a private resort on Maui, which is the most popular Hawaiian Island for celebrities. But Kauai also has a list of actors that visit often too. Names like Pierce Brosnan, Drew Barrymore, and Ben Stiller travel to Kauai on the regular and you also hear about Adam Sandler, Keanu Reeves, and Paul Walker spending time on Oahu and Roseanne Barr around her macadamia nut farm on the Big Island.

So for anyone looking to have an attractive vacation in Hawaii like the celebrities do, here’s a few ways to get ya there:

Chances are if you see a magazine photo of a celebrity in Hawaii, they are either in the water or on the sand. So really take the time to soak in this type of relaxation. Plan to spend an entire day at the beach, jumping in and out of the water, beach combing, and getting some sun. You’ll definitely feel well rested after 12 hours of beach time, just make sure to apply the sunscreen liberally- you don’t want your skin looking burnt for your paparazzi photos! And that’s one thing you don’t see too often, lobster red celebrities!

Another thing you see celebrities doing in Hawaii is outdoor activities. Beach volleyball, surfing, golfing, and catamaran cruises are great ways to partake in the celebrity lifestyle. Rent a longboard and catch some waves in Waikiki like Cameron Diaz, paddle around on a SUP board like Rhianna, or play some water football like LeAnn Rimes and President Obama. Shopping is another great activity celebrities love to partake it. But just because you can’t spend like a celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t pretend! Limit yourself to window-shopping and maybe a splurge or two and you’ll love the feel of a few different designer bags swinging in your hand.

Dining and drinking is a great way to feel glamorous during your vacation. Not only is it a fun event throughout your day, but you can get dressed up for it too. This is your chance to wear that new dress you’ve saved for this vacation or that great tie you happened you pack in your suitcase. Plan at least one night out on the town for dinner, drinks, and maybe even dancing. Your vacation should be relaxing but it should also be fun! Treat yourself to this small expenditure while vacationing in Hawaii; it’ll be worth it!