Choosing a Condo versus a Resort for your Hawaii Vacation

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This Tuesday, January 11, 2022, episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast features host Aloha Bruce discussing the latest Hawaii Covid travel news, the Restaurant of the Week, and the differences between a regular condo and a “hybrid condo” for your Hawaii vacation.

Bruce begins by discussing changes to the Hawaii Safe Travel Program, and he explains the QR code aspect of the program. He also says that it looks like Governor David Ige is close to making a third booster shot a requirement to be considered fully vaccinated.

The recent arrival of the Grand Princess cruise ship is the first arrival of a cruise in Honolulu Harbor in two years, with more scheduled to return in the weeks and months to come. Bruce says you’ll need a proof of vaccination or a negative Covid ship to leave the ship while it is docked in Hawaii waters.

The Restaurant of the Week is Lulu’s in Waikiki, across the street from Waikiki and Queen’s Beach. Bruce notes the outdoor seating option, and says that it makes a lot of people more comfortable than indoor dining. He mentions a couple of notable dishes (delicious) and says the price for food and drinks was very reasonable for Waikiki.

Bruce moves on to the topic of the best time to vacation in Hawaii and when the best rates are available. April through mid-June and September through mid-December are the times of year for the best rates for a Hawaii vacation. He also recommends traveling with a group to get discounted rates.

Bruce says accommodations with a kitchen can help save on food costs. He also mentions the importance of picking the right island(s) for your vacation needs and preferences. He also recommends enjoying many of the free and inexpensive attractions Hawaii offers, including the Pearl Harbor Memorial.

The topic of choosing a condominium is up next, and Bruce explains the difference between different types of condos available throughout Hawaii. He also discusses “hybrid condos” like the Honua Kai on Maui. These condos have amenities like spas, restaurants and bars, and even activities for kids. Hybrid condos are slightly more expensive, and Bruce mentions the Kaanapali Shores as being highly popular for visitors.

Bruce says Hawaii Aloha Travel can help you choose the vacation condo, hybrid or otherwise, that best suits what you are looking for on your Hawaii vacation.