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On today’s podcast for February 13th, 2022 (Super Bowl day) Yaling and Bruce ( the owners of Hawaii Aloha Travel) talk about some essential things you need to know about Hawaii hotel room configurations. They discuss the many challenges clients face and solutions to make decisions easier.

The podcast begins with our hosts covering the latest information on covid-19 restrictions. According to Lieutenant Governor Josh Green, the regulations could be lifted by Spring. He says that “ if it weren’t for the Omicron variant, the restrictions would have already been lifted by now.” Welcome news to all of us here in Hawaii and across the world.

We podcast about Hawaii because we love Hawaii.

While this might seem like a pretty straightforward process, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the fitting Hawaii hotel room for a Hawaii vacation. Granted, if you’re just two people traveling, there’s not much to worry about except to confirm you’re bedding. However, if you are more than two people, either adults or children, staying together, the process can get very complicated and lead to disappointment. Many consumers don’t realize that hotel rooms in Hawaii generally don’t have two queen beds but two double beds. Not understanding this leads to frustration upon arrival at the hotel and sometimes can sour an entire vacation.

The good news is that we have all the answers to these kinds of questions. Here at Hawaii Aloha Travel, all of our advisors look for these red flags, and we make sure that our client’s requirements are of the utmost importance. We pay attention to all the details including, room configurations, special requests, and the physical room location, and make sure requests are followed up on with our suppliers. Even with all this due diligence, requests are not guaranteed. Hence, it makes the most sense to use a travel advisor located here in the islands to troubleshoot and follow through on requests, which will give you a better likelihood of being granted.