James Asquith Returns to Hawaii

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We’ve got a special new Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast on offer, as our hosts Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura welcome back world-famous world-traveler James Asquith to the show for a freewheeling chat about travel and Hawaii.

James holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person ever to visit every country in the world. He began at age 18 and set the record by July 2013. He’s an accomplished author and an incredibly successful entrepreneur with his Holiday Swap app. He joined us on the podcast in early 2019. He’s now 31 years old.

Our hosts and their esteemed guest joke about boring questions Asquith encounters on his countless interviews and public appearances around the world. He notes that he took 166 flights in 2019. He also says Hawaii is in his “top three” destinations in the world. Asquith says he spent an average of six days in every country he visited while setting the world travel record.

Asquith says he still travels all the time, but now it’s mostly for work reasons regarding his company Holiday Swap. The company facilitates home-swapping services for world travelers. He says the international travel press has termed Holiday Swap “Travel Tinder” with a perfect dry British wit.

James explains how the Holiday Swap platform works, and what makes it a great option for world travelers. James notes that each transaction costs only one dollar and the differences between his company and others like Air B&B. He notes that Holiday Swap has over 500,000 users and expects to reach one million in two months.

Bruce and Lanai pick Asquith’s brains about how his company works, and he offers some genuine insight into what travelers are looking for when booking accommodations around the world. James discusses the wide demographic that use Holiday Swap. Some use it regularly for short, unexpected trips, and others use it to book lodgings a year or two out.

James talks about why Hawaii is a great market for Holiday Swap, as Bruce gets into the specifics of how the Holiday Swap app works. The discussion moves onto how the visitor accommodation market behaves differently in different destinations around the world. James notes that Holiday Swap operates in 186 countries.

The newest Hawaii Vacation Podcast features an in-depth conversation between some of the world’s foremost travel experts. James Asquith is quite possibly the world’s most experienced traveler at the young age of 31. His thoughts are a great look into the best ways to book your travel from door to door.

James talks about finding the best deals and making the most or four travel miles and credits. Lanai notes that James manages to find first-class arrangements and how he is the best job in the world. Everyone agrees that there is much more to talk about and that James will come back for another Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast while he is here. And then they all agree that it’s time to “go find something to eat!” to celebrate Hawaii Aloha Travel founders Bruce and Yaling’s wedding anniversary. Cheers!