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Our most recent Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast tackles the important topic of Hawaii Vacation Insurance. Aloha Bruce and Emmy Award- winner Lanai Tabura offer their vast expertise on being prepared for the unexpected. Unfortunate as it may be, even the most perfectly-planned holiday can go wrong: cancelled flights, botched reservations, or, Heaven forbid, injuries or health issues. Bruce and Lanai agree that purchasing travel waivers and/or travel insurance are the best way to safeguard against surprise problems during a Hawaii vacation.

Aloha Bruce breaks down the difference between Hawaii Vacation Insurance and travel waivers and travel insurance. He explains that travel waivers allow travelers to cancel their trip before their departure “right up until you get on the plane. Bruce notes that travel waivers are a particularly beneficial for travelers booking far in advance of the actual trip. More time before the trip means more time for life to get in the way. Waivers ensure that you won’t be penalized for rotten luck.

Travel insurance covers you during your vacation. Bruce notes that adding insurance to a travel waiver is just a few dollars added to the cost of the waiver. He says that the size of the party traveling is an important factor to consider when deciding on waivers and insurance. Lanai discusses an affordable policy he holds for travel to Japan that is comprehensive in its coverage. Bruce suggests checking with your own current insurance companies about travel insurance, and how many credit card companies offer travel insurance and waivers.

Above all, Bruce says, is having someone to work with personally in the event that something does go wrong during a Hawaii vacation. He mentions the good work of the people at the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii, an organization that assists Hawaii visitors and their families in the event of crime, injuries or poor health, or any other personal calamity that befalls travelers all over the world each and every day.

Aloha Bruce reminds listeners that Hawaii-Aloha Travel always provide unparalleled personal service, especially in the event of a Hawaii vacation snafu. We do everything and everything to help when things go wrong.