Realistic Hawaii Vacation Planning

Aloha Bruce is talking about sensible Hawaii vacation planning on this Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Hawaii Vacation Podcast. “I’m going down the rabbit hole to talk about unrealistic expectations about a Hawaii vacation!”

Bruce starts off with some Hawaii travel news, including Hawaiian Airlines posting a loss in stock prices in the second quarter of 2022. The CEO of Hawaiian Air is hopeful for the recovery of international arrivals, and Bruce agrees. He briefly discusses travel protection/insurance before turning to Delta Airlines, offering many more Premium Select Seating and other first-class upgrades on a number of Hawaii-bound flights.

Bruce also mentions recent long lines at Kahului Airport on Maui that has kept arrivals waiting at TSA for up to two hours. He offers tips on the best times to fly interisland and avoid long lines.

On the main topic of Hawaii vacation planning, Bruce talks about the desire of visitors to experience “real Hawaii” and the availability of vacation rentals and homes as an alternative to hotels and resorts. He says that finding a vacation rental home can fall into the “unrealistic expectation” category because they are in fact quite expectations.

Bruce mentions the Hotel Hana on Maui, and notes that remote accommodations will limit your options for activities during a Hawaii vacation. “Just be more realistic with your expectations,” Bruce says. He also notes that “word of mouth” suggestions from friends are not likely to provide the same experience for you.

Bruce also says that expectations like private jaccuzzi’s and pools and bringing along a family pet are simply not realistic. He briefly notes Hawaii’s pet quarantine rules. “It’s such a hassle!” Bruce also says that there are no Hawaii hotels that allow smoking outside of designated areas. “You can’t smoke in hotel rooms in Hawaii!”

When doing Hawaii vacation planning, Bruce says it’s important to remember how expensive it is to fly first class, noting that easy upgrades are increasingly rare. “Those days are over, kids!” Finally, Bruce talks about the fact that there are no “all-inclusive” resorts in Hawaii like in other international destinations, although Hawaii Aloha Travel does put together all-inclusive packages for our clients. Give us a call!

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