Lots of folks wonder, “Where in Hawaii can I get the best seafood and Poke?” Sure, it may seem like a silly question (since we’re in the middle of the ocean), but we actually get asked that a lot. In fact, it’s a really good question. Here’s the answer: For the most part, seafood in Hawaii is extremely fresh and is typically cheaper than seafood on the mainland. Every morning, our local, hard-working fishermen bring their newest catches to the fish auction, where the market price is set depending on supply and demand. Ahi and Mahi are the most popular fish from Hawaiian waters, but you’d be impressed with the sheer number and variety of fish we have here in the islands.

A Hawaiian delicacy called Poke (pronounced poke-eh) is extremely popular and is a must-try while you’re here. Although its popularity is catching on all over country, Hawaii still has the best Poke around. You may see it in a variety of presentations, but it’s typically served as raw Ahi cubes with Limu (seaweed). Each island has its signature “type” of Poke, so it’s important you take notes! During our in-depth discussion about Poke, we’ll talk about the many differently types and, of course, direct you to the best places to try this amazing dish!


  1. Hi, my family of four (kids 4 and 9) plus our friends family of four (kids 9 and 11) will be coming back to Oahu this August for 17 days. I’ve been listening to your podcast and the one you do with Wayde for awhile. My kids like hearing about Hawaii and they are getting excited (I can’t play the other one with them in the car). We are again staying at the Marriott in Ko Olina (we have a time share) and thanks to you and after talking to friends are renting a car through Turo. We love snorkeling and hiking. Last time we came, three years ago, we spent almost every day snorkeling at the lagoons or up at sharks cove and rented a surfboard for the kids just to try. We also hiked Makapuu lighthouse and diamond head. Here is our basic itinerary for this time.

    – birthday breakfast at the Aulani to celebrate my son’s 4th birthday. (last time we were here we celebrated his first birthday)
    – Fia Fia luau ( we haven’t gone to one the last four times we were here and my husband wants to go to one again) We were thinking this one since its at the Marriott but I wonder if there is a better one worth the drive?
    – We are thinking of Hanauma (last time we were there 12 years ago I felt that sharks cove was better, is that still the case?)
    – Pokai Bay to learn how to SUP from uncle George
    – Dole train (My son really loves trains, I’ve never been but we thought he might like the train ride)
    – snorkeling at the lagoons and sharks cove again
    – hiking diamond head
    – wondering if there are any really good, easy hikes on the West side
    – Honolulu aquarium? ( we have the long beach aquarium, wondering if its worth it for the kids, also is the snorkeling in front good, I thought I heard Wayde say it was)
    – Will there be any waterfalls during August that we could easily hike to?
    – Thinking of a dolphin swim tour but I’m also torn because I am against interfering with their rest that they need and the fact that they are protected by the marine mammal act, Any tours you recommend that would also be good for the 4 year old (he is pool safe and has been swimming since he was 3 since we have a pool).
    – We were looking forward to the new West side Jeep tours but after listening to the last podcast with Wayde there is no way we could afford those prices.
    – The kids want to learn to surf this time and we are looking for recommendations of great surf schools for kids on the West side. Or since some of us have been surfing before should we just rent a board and teach them ourselves? What would you recommend and where should we go?

    Also when should we book the luau and tours and can we book them through you? Any other suggestions would be great. We don’t like lots of crowds, which is why we are staying in Ko Olina but don’t mind visiting Waikiki for one day or two.

    • Aloha, lots of questions!! I’ll pass this along to Bruce but you may want to just give us a call, we’d love to somehow earn your business.

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